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Cat Carriers And Travel

Traveling with your cat doesn't have to be stressful. Paw Fun is here to make it enjoyable with cat travel accessories like carriers, kennels, strollers, and calming aids. Comfort is key when choosing a carrier. If your cat is active, try a soft portable carrier. We also have options for large cats. If your cat gets anxious, we have calming collars and chews to help ease their stress. Feeding your cat on-the-go? Our travel bowls and bags make it easy. Traveling with your pet can be enjoyable with Paw Fun's cat travel accessories. And don't forget to explore our selection of cat toys, litter boxes, nail clippers, cat trees, and scratchers too!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Travel And Carrier Accessories

Which travel accessories are recommended?

Having the best cat travel accessories will make your trips with your cat easier. Along with a comfortable and secure cat carrier, you can also get accessories like travel food and water bowls, as well as a portable litter box. These accessories will make it easier to meet your cat's basic needs while traveling. You can also get a comfortable travel bed or pad to make the carrier cozier for your cat. Treats and toys can help relax your kitty during the trip. Additionally, calming sprays, supplements, and vests are helpful feline travel essentials.

What should I bring for my cat on road trips?

Make sure your cat has a comfy blanket, bed, or pad in her carrier for short car rides. If you're going on a longer trip, line the carrier with a pee pad and bring food and water for rest stops. Don't put food and water in the carrier during the ride to avoid spills. To keep your cat calm, you can use a calming spray if she gets stressed out during trips.

What if my cat is anxious when traveling?

Make your cat's travel experience comfortable by using a safe and sturdy cat carrier with good ventilation. Paw Fun offers a variety of cat travel accessories, including soft-sided and hard-side carriers, to ensure your feline travels in style. We also have all the accessories you need for a perfect trip!