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Cat Bowls And Feeders

If you're looking to upgrade your cat's feeding setup, consider switching out that old cat dish for modern cat bowls and cat feeders from Paw Fun. You can create a convenient cat feeding station with food and water bowls. Paw Fun has multiple feeding stations available. These bowls have a heated base to prevent freezing in winter temperatures, making them a great option for outdoor cats. 

If you're okay with your pet playing with their food, interactive feeders are a great option. They're designed to help your chubby kitty lose weight by playing for their food. As your cat bats, pounces, and interacts with the feeder, it releases an adjustable amount of food. If you're a busy pet parent, cat feeders and waterers are a perfect solution. Check out Paw Fun today to find the perfect cat bowls and feeders for your feline friend.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Food Bowls and Feeders

Should I get my cat a feeder or a bowl?

Deciding whether to get your cat a bowl or a feeder depends on her eating habits and your schedule. Cat bowls work well for most situations, but feeders have benefits for specific needs. A slow feeder helps cats who eat too quickly, while a timed feeder delivers meals at specific times. Gravity feeders keep the bowl full, and microchip feeders prevent food stealing. With a WiFi feeder, you can feed your cat remotely or on your schedule.