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Dog Leashes, Collars and Harnesses

Is your dog constantly pulling on the leash during walks? Then you might consider leash training. Dogs don't naturally know how to walk on a leash, so it's important to teach them. Leash training helps your dog learn to stay by your side. Paw Fun offers the best quality dog training leads, collars, and harnesses to assist you. Walking a large dog without proper leash training can be risky. With the right collar and leash, you can keep your pup right by your side.

Dogs, being naturally faster than humans, tend to get excited when they go outdoors. To ensure that your furry friend doesn't pull ahead or lag behind you while exploring, it is essential to provide leash training. We offer a range of dog collars, slip leads, and harnesses that can assist you in training your pup. Walking a large dog without proper leash training can result in accidents and injuries. A dog-training leash helps teach your dog to walk beside you, instead of constantly zigzagging.

At Paw Fun's online pet store, you can find a wide range of dog training equipment. If you're looking for the best dog training collars, take into consideration your dog's response to training, their motivational factors, and your comfort level. Paw Fun also offers dog bark collars, tie-outs, and ID tags. Additionally, we provide products that aid in leash training such as leashes and harnesses. Whatever you need for your furry friend's training needs, Paw Fun has got you covered with its extensive selection of high-quality dog supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Leashes, Collars and Harnesses

How do I clean dog collars and harnesses?

To clean dog collars and harnesses, follow the care instructions provided. Nylon or cloth ones can usually be washed by hand or machine for convenience. For a gentle clean that won't irritate your dog's skin, use liquid dish detergent or dog shampoo. Leather collars and harnesses require an approved leather cleaner or specific care instructions. Always avoid using anything harmful or irritating to your dog when cleaning their collars and harnesses.

Can a dog wear a harness and collar simultaneously?

Yes, a dog can wear both a collar and a harness. It is common for pet parents to choose both for convenience and safety. Some prefer to have their dogs wear a collar with ID tags all the time and only attach the harness for walks. Having your dog wear a collar and a harness together should not cause any safety issues.

Can the dog only wear a collar , without the harness?

Yes, your dog can wear a harness instead of a collar. Many pet parents find harnesses to be more comfortable and provide better control. If you decide to use a harness for walks, make sure to attach your dog's ID tags to it. Alternatively, you can get a personalized harness with your contact information in case your dog ever gets lost.