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BarkShield Pro

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BarkShield Pro


Silence barks, the harmless way.

BarkShield™ has been proven effective in stopping dogs from excessive barking while improving their human-to-dog social skills. In fact, 94% of our customers have reported success with our product.

BarkShield™ uses a harmless high-frequency sound that automatically trains your dog to stop barking. This unique sound is safe for all pets and inaudible to humans. With BarkShield™, your furry friend will be happier and healthier, and you can enjoy a more peaceful home.

anti bark device for dogs

Key benefits

  • 100% Safe - With Barkshield™, you can train your dog to stop barking without causing any harm. Our unique and safe frequency has been proven to be effective without causing painful ears, fear, or sadness.

  • Guaranteed Results - Our anti-bark device is the only product on the market with proven and guaranteed results. In fact, 94% of our customers report a reduction in their dog's barking and antisocial behavior.

  • Effortless Training - With BarkShield™, you don't need to spend time or money on difficult training sessions. Our automatic device can be used instantly, and you'll start seeing results right away.

  • No Pain - Unlike other training methods that rely on pain to punish your dog, BarkShield™ uses a gentle noise to suggest good behavior. This positive reinforcement approach will make your furry friend happier, more playful, and well-behaved over time.

  • Save $ - BarkShield™ automatically trains your dog non-stop to keep it quiet. Unlike other methods that are costly, time-consuming, and difficult, our device achieves results almost instantly and at a fraction of the cost. Hiring a dog trainer, for example, can cost up to $260 on average to train a puppy or dog to stop barking.

harmless anti bark device for dogs

Is it safe?

BarkShield™ uses the latest sound technology to provide a completely harmless solution for both you and your dog. This device emits a unique ultrasound that only your dog can hear when it barks, and automatically turns off when your furry pal stops barking. This helps your dog learn to stop barking at every little thing that happens around them.

harmless anti bark dog device for all breeds

Will BarkShield™ harm any of my other pets like cats, rabbits, or guinea pigs?

No. The sound emitted by BarkShield™ is not strong enough to cause harm to any animal, making it a safe and effective solution for all your pets.

Why you may consider multiple devices

BarkShield™ is a versatile device that can be used in any living space, whether it's a house, apartment, yard, or kennel. With its large range, our device can cover all corners of a typical living area.

However, many customers choose to purchase multiple devices to also cover their outdoor yard area, as outdoor barking can be a major issue for dog owners. Noisy dogs can disturb neighbors and lead to complaints.

To help you tackle this problem, we are excited to offer a free BarkShield Pro if you purchase 2. Just add 3 items to the cart, and 1 will automatically become free. Don't miss out on this opportunity to keep your dog's barking under control and maintain good relationships with your neighbors.

anti dog bark device placement at home



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