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Cat Laser Collar

$29.99 USD
$22.99 USD

Kitten Product Of 2023: Laser Collar For Cats

Our interactive cat collar with laser light is the perfect way to keep your furry friend fit and entertained! The ray of light will have your cat pouncing, chasing, and burning off those extra calories in no time. It keeps your cat's mind engaged as well as helps them lose extra weight. Plus, if you have multiple cats, the laser pointer collar is a great tool for fostering playtime and building bonds between them. Watch as they chase after the laser beam. Perfect for moments of laughter and joy!

cat playing with laser collar toy

Lightweight And Comfortable

Made with comfort in mind, this lightweight collar features a washable and harmless material, ensuring your cat's utmost comfort during playtime. The adjustable size ensures a perfect fit for cats of various sizes, ranging from 200mm to 310mm. The collar also boasts an adjustable light head of 41 degrees, allowing you to customize the play experience for your cat.

two cats playing with laser collar

Power Saving Mode

With its USB-rechargeable battery, the lamp offers nearly 5 hours of playtime on just a single hour of charging. So even if you're busy or away from home, your cat won't have to endure boredom. And don't worry about accidentally leaving it on for too long – after 15 minutes of playtime, it will automatically turn off to conserve power. After 1 hour and 30 minutes, it will revert for more feline fun!

laser collar toy for cats with two cats

Get ready for endless entertainment and laughter with this cool item. Order now with free shipping and give your cat the exercise and mental stimulation they deserve!


  • Micro-USB Charging Port (Cats can play for nearly 5 hours on a single charge of 1 hour.)
  • Made of comfortable, washable and harmless material (PC, TPU)
  • Adjustable Collar Size: 200-310 mm
  • Adjustable angle: (41 degrees)

laser collar cat toy keeps them busy

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Cat Laser Collar

$29.99 USD
$22.99 USD