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Dog Car Seat Cover

$99.95 USD
$49.99 USD

Keep Your Rear Seats Brand New

Introducing our multifunctional car seat cover for your pooch. Enjoy car trips with your furry friend, knowing that the backseats are getting complete coverage from damage. No need to worry anymore about your dog's dirty paws, sharp claws, or pet hair ruining your car. The cover features seat anchors, headrest straps, and adjustable straps for ease of installation. It's also equipped with seat belt openings that will ensure a perfect fit. The cover also has a non-slip backing ensuring it stays in place on sharp turns.

golden retriever on dog car seat protecting cover

Durable Materials

This pet product is crafted from waterproof fabric and high-quality materials. The cover is made of a scratch-resistant fabric and is pretty easy to clean. For a quick cleaning, you can wipe it with a wet cloth. The cover is also machine washable if you need a thorough cleaning. Wash it with cold water on a gentle cycle. This dog car seat cover features mesh windows for excellent air circulation. This ensures that your dog stays cool throughout the ride. They also allow your furry companion to see you clearly, reducing anxiety and promoting a calm travel experience.

dog car seat cover different durable fabrics

Convenient Storage

To make traveling even more convenient, we've included two storage pockets. Ideal for storing your pet's food, water bowls, toys, and any other essentials they may need on the road. This cover is suitable for most cars or SUVs. For added safety, our dog seat cover comes equipped with a harness opening. This allows you to secure your dog with a harness, ensuring their safety throughout the journey. Additionally, you can pair it with our dog leash for a complete travel set.

multifunctional backseat cover for dogs

Invest in this pet supply today and enjoy worry-free adventures and the ultimate protection of your vehicle. Travel in style while keeping your vehicle from damage and your dog comfortable throughout the journey.


  • Material: Oxford fabric, PP Cotton
  • Size:143*152 cm / 56.3*59.8 in
  • Colors: Black, Gray
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Dog Car Seat Cover