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Dog Puzzle Feeder

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Product Description

One Of The Best Dog Treat Puzzle Toys of 2024

Meet the ultimate puzzle toy to unlock your pup's mental stimulation! This interactive combination of a food bowl and a puzzle game with treat compartments is designed to challenge dogs while also providing IQ training and hours of fun.

dog puzzle feeder bowl

The feeder is especially handy for tough chewers. No more gulping down meals in seconds! This puzzle feeder for dogs encourages them to eat at a slower pace. It not only promotes better digestion but also transforms mealtime into engaging activities. Watch as your dog becomes smarter and more focused when unlocking their tasty treats.

Interactive Dog Toy for Mental Stimulation

This slow feeder is an educational game toy and an enrichment for your dog's cognitive skills. It satisfies their hunting instincts while enhancing their sense of smell. Your dog will have a great time using the nose or paws to navigate the sliders and uncover hidden treats. Compare it to a treasure hunt every time they eat!

dog brain training puzzle feeder

The slow feeder bowl is made from different compartments that make it easy for dogs to access their rewards. The dog's favorite treats will be scattered around the dispenser when it tries to solve the puzzle to unlock them.

How Difficult Is Our Treat Toy?

This type of interactive feeder has a low and medium difficulty level. It won't take much time to teach your dog to move the top covers on the sides. When the pup learns how to do that, you can teach it to move the buttons in the center. The degree of difficulty these types of toys for dogs have always depends on the dog's age and breed.

puzzle feeder toy that dispenses dog treats

What Food Can I Put Inside?

You can put any food you want inside, whether it's dry food or wet food. For obvious reasons, wet food will take more time to clean after usage. Luckily, this feeder dog bowl is dishwasher safe.

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Briefly put, this educational toy is perfect for entertaining your furry friend while also promoting its cognitive development. Grab the Dog Puzzle Feeder now and watch your dog's mental enrichment shine through with every food puzzle solved!

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Dog Puzzle Feeder

$24.99 USD
$17.99 USD