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Feathered Ball Toy for Cats

$9.99 USD
$6.99 USD

Durable Rubber Cat Toy Balls for Endless Fun

Crafted from resilient rubber material, these cat toy balls are wear-resistant, bite-resistant, and boast high elasticity. Featuring a magical combination of a bouncy ball and feathers, toss it against any hard surface to witness its entertaining bounce

Playful Bonding

Foster a stronger connection with your feline friend with this interactive toy. Made to trigger your cat's hunting instincts, it mimics the movement of real prey, encouraging them to engage and exercise their bouncing and chasing abilities. 

Feathers and Vibrant Colors

The feathers and vibrant colors will entice your cat and increase the enjoyment, captivate attention, and extend their playtime.

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Feathered Ball Toy for Cats