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Large Dog Car Seat

$69.99 USD

Treat The Dog Like a King While Keeping The Car Clean!

This dog car seat for large dogs is for pet owners who want to ensure their furry friends are safe and enjoy a comfortable ride. With a special design and practical features, this pet booster seat is a great choice for any pet parent who's often on the go. This bed will fit any standard car and SUV type that room for 3 on the backseat.

dog made leather back seats of car dirty

Comfortable Foam Form

One of the standout features of our car bed for dogs is its versatility. It's a perfect combination of a luxury bed for your dog, as well as a cover that keeps your rear seats clean and free from scratches. It's made from durable polyester with a sturdy foam form construction. The bed provides a comfortable and secure space to relax during long journeys.

dog large car seat cover

Waterproof and Scratch-Resistant

We understand that accidents happen, so our high-quality dog car seat carrier is waterproof and anti-scratch. Say goodbye to worrying about muddy paws or sharp claws damaging your backseats. The waterproof fabric ensures easy cleaning and is also machine washable. Just throw it in the washing machine and wash it on a gentle cycle and with cold water. The anti-slip bottom will keep it in place even during sharp turns or sudden stops.

two dogs laying on large dog car seat

Installing The Dog Car Seat For Large Dogs

Installation is a breeze with our user-friendly design. Simply fold it up when not in use to save space and easily install it whenever needed. The adjustable strap will fit around the backseat of your car and make the pet bead extra stable. The large size allows it to accommodate medium and large dogs. This is ideal if you have multiple dogs or a really large dog.

shiba inu on a large dog car seat

Machine Washable Pet Gear

Not only does it prioritize safety and protection, but it also focuses on comfort. The thick edges will support your pet's neck. This will ensure they can rest and relax during the journey. For added peace of mind, we recommend using a safety dog seat belt in conjunction with the car seat to keep your pup secure at all times.

The Ideal Travel Bed For Happy And Safe Rides

Invest in this comfy and convenient travel item today and embark on worry-free travels with your furry companion. This pet car seat will guarantee a happy ride for both you and your beloved pet. When it comes to the comfort and maximum safety of your furry friend, our pet gears are the ultimate choice. Don't settle for anything less.


  • Size: Width: 92 cm / 36.25 in
  • Length: 127.6cm / 50.25 in
  • Main Material: Polyester with polyfill
  • Please Note: It works better with a safety dog seat belt, to keep your pup safe
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Large Dog Car Seat