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Cat Squeaky Ball Toy

$14.99 USD
$8.99 USD

Drive Your Cat Crazy!

Lifelike Sounds

Create realistic animal sounds like frogs, crickets, and birds during play. These electric cat balls stay quiet when not in use, and conserve battery power.

cat interactive animal noise balls

Built to Last

Made from durable EVA material, these balls can withstand even the most vigorous play. The soft and safe construction ensures hours of safe entertainment. Each ball has built-in batteries for up to 10,000 chirping sessions.

Add some Catnip for Extra Craziness

Enhance the fun by adding catnip (not included). Just open the lid and a bit inside, and make it irresistibly attractive to your cat.

Healthy Exercise

Lazy cats can surely gain some physical benefits from these interactive balls. Treat them to a joyful playing experience with these engaging toys.

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Cat Squeaky Ball Toy