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Remote Control Snake

$24.99 USD

The Most Realistic Snake Cat Toy

This smart sensing, remote control toy combines a retractable tongue and realistic movements identical to the real snake. Give your cat the thrill of the hunt, all within the safe confines of your home. It's also great for parties, a nice gift for your loved ones, or for pranking unsuspecting people.

remote controlled snake cat toy

With its durable design and adaptive switch, this remote control toy can handle even the most vigorous play sessions. Your cat can pounce and smack away to their heart's content as it slithers and glides across the floor. It's an image that will keep your furry friend engaged and entertained for hours on end.

dog playing with remote control snake

Rechargeable Batteries

Our remote control snake toy comes with a USB charger. Simply plug it in, juice it up, and it's ready to go again in no time. No need to replace any batteries.

Remote Controlled Snake Toy with Smart Sensors

The remote control toy comes in different colors and is also equipped with advanced sensors. It can effortlessly avoid obstacles in its path. If it encounters any hurdles, the toy automatically reverses and maneuvers around them with ease. And if by chance it shuts off, a simple tap on the button switch on its head will bring it back to life.

self moving snake toy for cats

Product Details

  • Included: 1 Snake Cat Toy, 1 remote control, 1 charging cable
  • Colors: Green or White (As seen in the image)
  • Product dimensions: 16" long
  • RC Range: 10M/30 Feet
  • Charging time: 40 minutes
moving electric toy snake

Free Shipping and Returns

Treat your feline friend to the excitement and stimulation they crave with this product. Watch as they unleash their hunting instincts and enjoy endless hours of entertainment. Get it today for cost-free shipping and a free 30-day return guarantee!

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Remote Control Snake