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Cat Carrier Bag

$14.99 USD

The Cutest Tote Bag For Your Cat

Introducing our Head-Out cute cat tote bag, a handy pet carrier. It's specially designed to quickly and easily take your cat along with you on foot. Whether for vet visits, visiting friends, or simply taking a stroll. This soft cat carrier will make sure that your feline friend can join you in style and comfort.

cute cat carry tote bag with a cat inside

Colorful Bee Design

What sets this pet carrier bag apart is its unique head-out feature. Your curious cat can pop their head out and take in the sights and sounds of the outside world while remaining secure inside. This gives them mental stimulation and makes them feel connected to their surroundings. The cute, cartoon-like bee design will never go out of style when your cat is inside!

cartoon style bee design cat carry bag

Durable Material

Crafted from durable canvas, this soft-sided carrier is designed to provide both security and breathability. The soft hardness creates a cozy environment, allowing your cat to feel safe while on the move. With its charming cartoon design, your pet will surely turn heads wherever you go.

durable and breathable cat carrier tote bag

We offer two sizes: Large for cats up to 8 kg and dogs up to 6 kg, and Extra Large for cats up to 16 kg and dogs up to 12 kg. The non-detachable shoulder straps can be worn cross-body for extra grip. Please refer to our size guide for a perfect fit.

With our special kitten carrier, every journey becomes an enjoyable experience for both you and your furry companion. Take advantage of our sale price today with free shipping and embark on exciting adventures together.


  • Material: Canvas
  • Design: Cartoon Bee
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Size:
  1. Large: 38*38 cm (0-6 kg) | 15*15 inch (2-13 lbs)
  2. Extra Large: 45*45 cm (6-16kg) | 18*18 inch (15-35 lb)
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    Cat Carrier Bag