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Catventure™ Cat Harness and Leash

$19.99 USD

Take Your Cat With You On Any Outdoor Adventure!

Let your feline friend explore the great outdoors. The Catventure™ comes with a matching leash and reflective strip, providing your furry friend with safety and freedom. Putting it on is a breeze. Simply step your cat's front paws into it and wrap it around their neck and body. Adjust the H-Style harness according to your body type, and it will evenly distribute pressure around the cat's body. Fasten the velcro adjustable strap and quick-release buckles to ensure a secure fit. Even the biggest escape artists won't be able to come loose.


The Best Cat Harness For Peace of Mind

Once it's on, clip the leash on the metal rings and embark on an exciting adventure together. Never worry again about your beloved kitty encountering speeding vehicles or wild animals. Our Catventure™ vest-style harness with reflective strips keeps them by your side, ensuring their safety at all times.

Living in an apartment? No problem! The Catventure™ allows your indoor cats to satisfy their outdoor cravings. Take them for a walk and let them indulge in new scents and sights while staying safe by your side. If your adventure cat is bursting with energy, see if they have what it takes to be your new running partner. It's a fun way for energetic cats to burn off excess energy while enjoying the great outdoors. And the breathable material will keep them cool no matter how hot it is outside.


white cat stepping inside a harness for cats

Simply step your cat's front paws into the harness


Wrap around, fasten the velcro an the buckle

adjusting cat harness

Adjust according to your cat's size

kitten harness with leash

Clip on the leash and explore

What Makes This Type Of Harness Different?

Why choose Catventure over other products? It's the perfect combination of durable materials and breathable mesh. It feels very comfortable for the cat around their chest, has reflective materials and we can confidently claim it's a 100% escape-proof harness. On top of that, we can offer it at the most competitive price. You can read the reviews below to learn why cat owners think it's a perfect choice.

catventure cat harness versus other harnesses for cats

Size Chart

Our kitty harness comes in various bright colors and sizes to accommodate your taste and cats of different breeds and builds. Please refer to our specifications for exact measurements. Remember, you should be able to fit one fingertip between your cat and the harness when they are in a neutral standing position.


 Size Chest Neck
Small 9.8-11.4 in 7.9-9.8 in
Medium 12.2-14.6 in 9.0-11.4 in
Large 13.0-15.4 in

11.0-12.6 in

XL 14.9-17.3 in 11.8-13.8 in
XXL 15.7-18.1 in 13.4-15.0 in
XXXL 18.1-23.2 in 14.2-16.5 in


If you have been using a different kitten harness before, the cat may need some time to adjust to the new sensations. But rest assured, this set is designed for their ultimate comfort in mind. Give your adventurous cat the freedom they deserve. Ensure safety with the best secure harness for cats on the market. Order now and embark on exciting journeys together!


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Catventure™ Cat Harness and Leash