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Cat Calming Pillow

$34.95 USD
$13.99 USD

U-Shaped Pillow For Ultimate Comfort

This is the perfect cozy companion for your feline friend. Designed specifically for cats who love to curl up. This cat pillow's size is crafted for the average cat. It'll bring improved comfort and relaxation to your pet's sleep routine. Whether it's placed in a blanket, bed, or sofa, it's sure to be a hit.

cat sleeping on calming neck pillow

Soft Material

The thought-out design and soft padding will provide optimal support and protection for your pet's cervical spine and vertebrae. This can be beneficial for older cats who require extra care. The cat pillow is made from high-quality materials and pearl cotton filling and is moisture-proof and environmentally friendly.

soft filling inside cat calming pillow

Easy Cleaning

This pet pillow for cats is machine washable and can be easily put into the washing machine and dryer, minimizing any odor or excess hair. Just remember to use a gentle cycle and not to air dry it, as this may cause fur tangles and naps.

machine washable cat neck pillow

Cat Calming Pillow For Blissful Sleep

This soft and cozy pillow provides a deep sleep surface for your furry friend. Its cuddly soft quilted faux fur fabric is gentle on noses and paws, enhancing snuggling comfort. Not only does it promote restful sleep for improved behavior and better health but it also acts as a calming toy for dogs or kittens. The raised rim and plush filling offer a sense of security, making your pet feel calmer and less anxious. Additionally, the small and cute shape can double as a toy, bringing even more joy to your pet's playtime.

cat calming pillow for neck specififcations


Measuring 10*6 inches with a 2-inch height, it provides head and optimal neck support, offering a full sense of security for your pet. It's ideal for pets weighing up to 10 pounds. Be sure to select the size that best fits your furry friend.

cat calming pillow size

Treat your beloved pet to the ultimate comfort and relaxation with our cat neck pillow. Order now at the cheapest price possible with free delivery and give your furry friend the gift of deep sleep!

cat sleeping on comfortable cat calming neck pillow

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Cat Calming Pillow