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Console Dog Car Seat

$49.99 USD

 Keep Your Dog Close On Car Trips

Our console car seat is the ideal item for pet owners who love taking their furry friends on car rides. With this pet carrier, your dog can now ride safely, allowing them to enjoy the scenery up close while keeping you company on those long trips. This pet supply is made for dogs of a small size and should be placed in the center console of your car.

Fabric Choices and Design

This quality product is made from suede and pearl cotton material. Our pet car console seat provides a cozy and secure place for your pet to rest thanks to the soft cushion. Don't worry about your dog's sharp claws damaging your car's interior, as the suede material is scratch-resistant. The unique design of our dog console car seat ensures that your pet gets a 360-degree view without any obstructions. This also allows your dog to see you, reducing anxiety and promoting a calm traveling experience.

Triple-Safe Protection

Safety is our top priority, which is why our console pet seat for dogs features triple protection. Sturdy foam padding around the edges keeps your furry friend securely in place, while the built-in safety carabiner can be attached to their collar for added security. The non-slip bottom and adjustable straps prevent your dog from wandering off and help you avoid distracted driving.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning up after your pet is a breeze with our removable and machine-washable pet car seat. Just throw it in the washing machine for a deep clean. With our pet booster seat, you can now travel worry-free knowing that your beloved pet is safe, comfortable, and enjoying the ride right by your side. So buckle up and hit the road with your furry friend today! Get it today at the most reasonable price on the market and without any shipping charges!


  • Main Material: Suede, Polyester
  • Size: 40*20*20 cm / 15.75*7.87*7.87 inch
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Console Dog Car Seat