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Cozy Cat Tent

$39.99 USD

A Haven Pet Furniture 

Carefully designed with your cat's comfort in mind, this pet house with interior cushions is a must-have for any feline owner. With its easy and fast storage capability, you can effortlessly set up and take down this portable cat tent whenever and wherever you desire. Whether you're heading out on a road trip or simply want to create a cozy retreat at home, this is your go-to solution.

ginger house cat inside an indoor cat tent

Next Level Tent For Cat

Made from soft and durable fabric, this kitten tent looks better than a real tent for humans and offers the perfect balance of comfort and durability. The all-round fabric ensures your pet stays snug and secure, while the plush PP cotton cushioned pillow provides ultimate coziness. It's like a cloud of comfort just waiting for your furry friend to curl up inside.

Cleaning is a breeze too! Toss it into the washing machine for a quick sub-brush wash. There is no need to worry about maintaining cleanliness while your pet enjoys their relaxation time.

ginger cat laying in an indoor tent for cats

With a Cute Indoor Bed

Suitable for every season of the year, this cat lounger is made to provide warmth and shelter during chilly winters or a cool retreat during hot summers. Your pet will love having their own space where they can retreat, nap, or simply observe their surroundings.

Don't miss out on providing your beloved cat with the ultimate pet supply. Get this indoor cat tent today, free of shipping charges, and witness the joy it brings to your furry companion's life.


  • Materials: All-round fabric + PP cotton + non-slip plastic cloth
  • Color: Beige + Light Grey
  • Size: 60*60*50cm; 24*24*20 inch
  • Lightweight and compact design
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Cozy Cat Tent

$39.99 USD