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Custom Dog Harness

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Product Description

 Heavy-Duty Custom Dog Harness With Name

Does your dog like to pull on their collar during walks? This breathable step-in dog harness is a perfect alternative to traditional collars! It prevents neck injuries and is designed to make walks enjoyable. We offer this cute dog harness in a variety of colors and sizes.

dog with personalized harness running outside

Crafted from soft and durable materials, our no-pull harness is gentle on your dog's skin while providing the security you need. The fleece padding wraps snugly around their body. The chest strap can be fully adjusted for a perfect fit. No more worrying about slipping out or choking!

animation of no pull custom dog harness

What Set Our Personalized Harnesses For Dogs Apart From The Rest?

Well, we offer the option to customize it with your pet's name and your phone number. With this feature, you'll have peace of mind that if your furry friend ever gets lost, they'll have a better chance of a safe return home. A small detail that can make a difference in their safety.

customized dog harness on a labrador

Not only is this no-pull harness functional and secure but it's also designed with your dog's comfort in mind. The breathable material keeps them cool and ventilated. This can be especially handy during longer walks. The reflective strip also ensures visibility at night, adding an extra layer of safety.

Quality Product For Safer Dog Walking

One standout feature of this item is the sturdy nylon handle. It provides more control and support whenever you're walking, running, or hiking. The steel D-ring for easy leash attachment adds strength and security for safe outdoor activities with your pup. Our custom harness for dogs is also machine washable.

collage of different dogs wearing custom harness

Say goodbye to uncomfortable walks and hello to a personalized dog harness that ticks all the boxes. Your four-legged friend will be safe secure and stylishly unique. Order yours today and make every walk a joyful experience!

Size Chart

Please make sure to measure your dog multiple times to pick the correct size. If you're doubting between two sizes, it's advisable to go for the larger one!

2XS 30-36 cm
12-14 in
1-2 kg
2-5 lbs
XS 39-45 cm
15-18 in
3-7 kg
5-15 lbs
Jack Russel
Yorkshire Terrier
S 45-58 cm
17-22 in
7-12 kg
14-26 lbs
French Bulldog
M 54-67 cm
20-26 in
11-24 kg
25-52 lbs
Border Collie
Siberian Husky
English Bulldog
L 66-90 cm
25-35 in
23-38 kg
51-83 lbs
Australian Shepherd
Staffordshire Terrier
Standard Poodle
XL 71-96 cm
27-38 in
28-43 kg
62-94 lbs
German Shepherd
Golden Retriever
2XL 80-120 cm
35-47 in
38-70 kg
85-176 lbs
Great Dane
Tibetan Mastiff
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Custom Dog Harness