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Dog Blow Dryer Brush

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A Quiet And Multifunctional Pet Dryer

Dry, brush and massage your pet at the same time! This versatile dryer is an excellent choice that makes your pet grooming process much more enjoyable. Unlike the expensive cage dryers, which can also make pets very anxious, this product has a quiet motor and makes grooming time a lot more pleasurable.

brushing corgi with dog blow dryer brush

Power And Versatility

With its advanced design, our pet hair dryer blows and combs your pup's hair at the same time. The tool ensures quick drying time for all types of coats. The stainless steel bristles are gentle on the skin, and provide a comfortable massage for your dog. The slightly tilted brush will guarantee the most comfortable and safe brushing experience.

low noise 2 in 1 brush dryer for pets

Quietest Dog Dryer

One of the best features of this pet hair remover offers is a low-noise function. Most hair dryers tend to be loud and intimidating for animals. This one operates with minimal noise, ensuring your pet feels safe and at ease during grooming sessions. A calm and relaxed dog is much easier to care for and saves you a lot of time and stress.

brush and dryer 2 in 1 for dogs and cats

Variable Speeds And Temperature Settings

You'll also love the heat settings as well as the speed control. Choose between low or high-temperature settings depending on your dog's needs. The high-speed setting is perfect for quick drying, while the lower air speed is ideal for sensitive areas or when you're closer to the skin. Both settings are warm enough to eliminate bacteria in your pet's coat.

brush and dryer 2 in 1 for pets heating mode

Functional Design

Compact and lightweight, the Paw Fun blow dryer is made with your convenience in mind, surprising even professional groomers. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and maneuver, while the 2-meter flexible hose provides ample reach during grooming sessions. With its powerful 300W motor and dual voltage compatibility (100-240v), you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Don't settle for ordinary grooming tools when you can have the Pawfun Pet Hair Remover. Experience the joy of a fast and easy drying process combined with gentle brushing that leaves your pet's coat looking and feeling amazing. Get yours today and enjoy our hassle-free 2-year product warranty.

Product Details

  • Versatile: Comb and dry at the same time
  • Powerful 300W Single motor
  • Suitable for all dog coat types
  • Adjustable settings for heat and air force
  • 2 Years Warranty
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Dog Blow Dryer Brush