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Dog Sunglasses

$8.99 USD

The Perfect Sunglasses for Cats and Small Dogs

These pairs of round sunglasses for dogs will probably never go out of style. Make your four-legged companion the talk of the town! Capture precious family moments or outdoor adventures, like the beach or motorcycle rides! They're also a great photo prop to have if you like to take pictures with your pets.

Three corgis wearing sunglasses for dogs

Size and Materials

The shades have a frame width of 8 cm/3.15 inch and a diameter of 3 cm/1.18 inch for the lenses. The size is suitable for most cats and small and medium-sized dog breeds. The lenses are crafted for maximum eye protection as well as protection from wind. The metal frame is durable, while the resin lens offers sun protection. Your pet will love how lightweight and comfortable these sunglasses are, ensuring long-lasting wear.

white dog with sunglasses

For Maximum Protection

Not only do our stylish sunglasses keep your pet's eyes shielded from the sun, but they also have a wide range of applications. Perfect for daily wear, parties, ceremonies, weddings, holidays, or festivals! These fashionable sunglasses will make your furry friend look even more attractive and create unforgettable memories together.

dobberman wearing dog sunglasses

Variety of Colors

There are multiple color options to choose from. We'll be offering new vibrant colors regularly to the stock. With this fashion item, your pets will enjoy UV protection and be the center of attention wherever you go. Grab a pair today at the lowest price possible and free delivery. Let your furry companion shine in the spotlight!

small dog with sunglasses outside

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Dog Sunglasses