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Dog Wash Hose Attachment

$21.99 USD

All-In-One Shower Head To Clean Your Pup

Make bath time and grooming time a breeze with this versatile dog wash hose attachment. With 8 spray modes with different water flow options to choose from, including quick rinse, stream, flat, center, jet, shower, mist, and cone, this spray head is a perfect pet bathing tool. This shower attachment is also great for watering lawns, and plants, cleaning patios, and washing cars.

dog water shower sprayer with multiple modes

Versatile Showerhead With Soap Dispenser

One of the standout features of our dog wash hose attachment is its adjustable foam concentration. You can save on soap and water by easily adjusting the lather concentration with a simple dial turn. There is no need for a separate bucket of foaming water when washing! We also include a complete package that includes a pet bathing sprayer with a soap bottle, a pet rubber comb brush, a wash mitt, and four connectors.

8 spray petterns of dog wash hose attachment


Our dog water shower sprayer offers multiple modes for easy usage. Screw the standard garden hose onto the bottom of the nozzle handle for a standard shower hose connection. Alternatively, if you have a hose with a 1/2" opening (not included), use standard or universal models to fit 1/2" or 3/4" faucets. Insert the hose into the water connector and water stop connector, tighten, press, and start spraying. Connecting our item to most standard 1/2" hoses is a breeze with the provided connectors - no additional tools required.

dog wash hose attachment use instructions

Durable Design

We take pride in using high-quality materials in our product design. The horse wash sprayer is constructed from durable plastic and ABS to ensure long-lasting use. The pet shampoo brush is made from soft TRP rubber that is gentle on your pet's skin, and its ring-shaped handle design allows for adjustable sizing. The microfiber wash mitt is scratch-free, double-sided, super absorbent, and perfect for car cleaning with its highest density.

We can confidently say that our pet shower sprayer will make the bathing process more enjoyable for both pet owners and their furry friends. Order our dog wash hose attachment today and experience the convenience and versatility it offers.

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Dog Wash Hose Attachment

$21.99 USD