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Luxury Dog Purse Carrier

$59.99 USD

Carry Your Furry Friend In Style

This pet carrier bag combines opulence, style, and comfort for your beloved small canine or feline companion. This product elegantly redefines pet travel, ensuring both you and your pet can travel in style. Our luxury carrier features a sumptuous canvas exterior. The classic brown and gold tones exude sophistication, while the subtle yet recognizable branding showcases your impeccable taste.

two women wearing luxury dog handbag

Quality Dog Purse Carrier

Crafted by master artisans, this handbag is a fusion of form and function. The premium canvas fabrics not only feel luxurious but also guarantee durability and resilience during your pet's journeys. The golden metallic hardware, including the elegantly designed lock and hinges, adds an extra layer of refinement.

product specifications of luxury dog handbag carrier

Inside the dog and cat carrier purse, you'll find a lining of soft and cozy PU Leather, creating a comfortable haven for your furry friend. A removable and washable faux-fur cushion ensures their utmost comfort during travels, while a safety strap keeps them securely in place.

Functional and Convenient

Beyond its fashionable exterior, this handbag prioritizes functionality. Strategically placed ventilation windows and mesh panels allow optimal air circulation for your pet's peace of mind. A discreet side pocket enables you to carry essentials like treats, a leash, or personal items.

product features of luxury dog handbag carrier

Designed for style-conscious pet owners, this fashion pet carrier purse is the perfect solution for a wide range of activities. Whether you're walking through city streets, jet-setting, or attending social gatherings. This dog handbag provides your pet with a cozy retreat. Travel with your furry companion in style with the luxury dog purse carrier.

versatile luxury dog carrier purse


  • 16.54 (L) X 11.42 (W) X 7.09 (H) inches
  • Suitable for pets under 15lbs
  • Breathable mesh in the middle and one side
  • Pockets on the other side for small belongings
  • Zipper from left to right
  • Plenty of room for your pets to move
  • Red accents on the handles
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Luxury Dog Purse Carrier

$59.99 USD