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Silver Vine Cat Toy (3 Pieces)

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Product Description

Natural Silvervine With Catnip Sticks

Introducing our all-natural 100% organic Silver Vine Cat Toys, the perfect cat product for keeping kitties entertained while promoting dental health. These healthy cat toys are a must-have for every cat owner. Our Silver Vine Cat Toys are a unique blend of silvervine and gall fruit. These natural herbs contain nepetalactone and actinidine, which are proven to excite and soothe cats. Silvervine plants are also known to reduce depression and keep them engaged for hours on end.

natural silver vine chew stick for cats

Effects Of Silver Vine Fruit On Cats

The sticks also provide numerous health benefits. The hand-woven organic silvervine sticks and gall fruit, along with organic catnip balls inside, offer different flavors and sounds that will keep your cat endlessly entertained. Whether they're biting, pawing, or chasing after it, this toy with catnip will keep them active and stimulated.

silvervine cat toy stick multiple benefits

Keep The Teeth Healthy

But it doesn't stop there. Our silver vine cat toys also double as a dental aid. As your cat chews on the silvervine sticks, it helps eliminate dental plaque and tartar buildup, promoting better oral health. The inclusion of catnip makes them excited and helps eliminate hairballs.

cat licking on silvervine chew stick

Our Silver Vine Cat Toys are suitable for all pets and particularly beneficial for young cats who love to bite on things. It brings a safe outlet for their instincts while ensuring their overall well-being. Give your furry friend the gift of endless entertainment and improved dental health with Silvervine for cats. Order now with free shipping and give your kitty the time of its life!

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Silver Vine Cat Toy (3 Pieces)

$11.99 USD