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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

$14.99 USD
$11.99 USD

Introducing the Paw Fun Slow Feeding Dog Bowl

The perfect solution to slow feed your pup! With its unique maze-patterned design, this dog bowl slow feeder provides 10 times less faster feeding compared to a regular dog food bowl, no matter the dog's size. By limiting the amount of food the pup eats all at once, this bowl prevents gulping and promotes better digestion both for raw food, wet food and dry food.

Say goodbye to bloating, and frequent visits to the vet, and say hello to neater pets. Our slow feeder dog bowls are a great option to support your dog's overall health. By making meal time more entertaining, this durable slow feed dog bowl reduces the chance of overeating and vomiting, and encourages fast eaters to digest food at a healthier pace.

Encourage more Licking with our Dog Slow Feeder Bowl

Not only do these fun feeders provide health benefits, but they also come with practical features. The non-slip base prevents spills, ensuring a mess-free mealtime experience for your furry friend. The bumps inside with labyrinth patterns add an element of fun to meals, and are a great stimulation for your dog to lick more and making eating more engaging.

Is this Slow Feeder Bowl Suitable for All Breeds?

They're a good idea to get for any dog that eats to fast, regardless of its breed. It's suitable both for large dogs and small dogs. It's can also be used by pups with flat faces. The Paw Fun slow feed bowls with different designs are a top pick for accomodating different diets.

Whether it's dry, wet, or raw dog food, these bowls with different patterns can hold up to 2 cups of kibble. Our bowls are made from food-safe and non-toxic PVC material. The plastic is BPA-free, so you can be assured of their safety and durability.

How do you clean it?

Cleaning up after meals is a breeze. It's dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning. You can also wash it manually with warm, soapy water. Spend less time on cleaning and more time playing with your pup!

Upgrade your pup's dining experience now, and keep them happy, healthy, and engaged at every meal! Order today and see the difference it makes in your dog's eating habits.

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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl