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Tug Of War Dog Toy

$19.99 USD

Extraordinary Game Of Tug Toy

Made to keep your furry friend healthy, entertained, and engaged for hours on end. Our dog tug of war toy will give them challenging playtime and enhance your dog's well-being. The suction cup dog toy consists of food-grade materials and a durable rope handle. The toy is designed for a wide variety of dog breeds and sizes. Even the most enthusiastic chewers will have a hard time tearing it apart. The surface is covered in rubber granules, which add texture for a better chewing experience and will promote better oral health. As a result, it reduces plaque and tartar buildup.

collage of dogs playing with treat dispenser tug of war toy

Pull The Rope, Receive Treats

What sets our rope toy apart is its versatility. This dog tug of war toy will satisfy their instinct to chew, as well as double as a treat dispenser. Simply stuff your pup's favorite treats into the tennis ball-sized compartment and watch as they pull the rope to retrieve them. This can stimulate their mental acuity and keep them entertained for a longer period. We've added a built-in bell that attracts your dog's attention and makes playtime more exciting. With the upgraded suction cup design, you can ensure that the tug rope toy stays firmly in place during those intense matches.

treat dispenser ball on a rope dog pull toy

Tug Game For Mental Stimulation

If you have an energetic dog, this tug of war dog toy is an investment in their happiness and well-being. It will provide endless entertainment while improving your pet's IQ and overall fitness. Get this suction cup dog toy today with free delivery and watch as they wag their tail with delight!

benefits of tug of war treat dispensing pull dog toy


  • Material: Food-grade rubber
  • Not dishwasher friendly: Should be washed by hand
  • Size: 17 inch
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    Tug Of War Dog Toy

    $19.99 USD